Coping With Coffee

Amid the country’s crisis, I am in one of my own; #AloneTogether with seven people. That’s been my normal since practicing conscious uncoupling six months ago. In theses times of unknown, I am so grateful to be surrounded by family and most importantly not carry the stress of running an entire household solo. But being quarantined in a non-stop question asking, chicken frying, snack hording, clothes moving, news watching, Tyler Perry loving house has pushed me to call on the good Lord above. I’ve found the best way to keep my perfect peace is a hot cup of smooth, semi-sweet, frothy dark magic.

Moving out of the house I shared with my wasband (thanks Trina Braxton) separated me from my most beloved possession, my Nespresso. I made my way to my storage unit and retrieved my smoke gray lover. My morning routine consist of yoga via YouTube and a latte. I’m even holding seminars for my family members to discuss the capabilities of the Nespresso machine and the endless coffee combos. My mom is intrigued by the froth the machine produces.

That took us down a Pinterest rabbit hole of latte art. She is now making requests, and I can’t make no swan, yet. This new valley of the unknown can be anxiety inducing. But the discussions, creation and enjoyment of coffee have given me (and my family) a break from the news. It’s created something new for my mom and I to bond over. She’s an old school Folger’s drinker who scoops her grinds straight into a cup of boiling hot water. It’s pushed me to create this platform to highlight my love and appreciation of this damn-delicious beverage. Coffee does make it better.

The dense & wild double espresso Chiaro from Nespresso topped with Nonni’s Almomd Biscotti

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