On the Seventh Day She Rested. And the Eighth.

Face Mask, Wine Down and Kaftan.

This world wide time out has been a restful one. My life pre-quarantine was a constant go; working an hour and a half away in another city, working at two high schools, volunteering at my son’s school for theor various extracirricular activites- football, basketball, track, musical theater, being my sons full time taxi to private lessons, my dance classes. I mean damn girl, I needed a break.

In the beginning stages of the quarantine, my social media time line was bombarded with message of ways to spend this new found free time; learn a language, get a new skill, craft your day away, 100 books to read. The longer the quarantine lasted, the more suggestions came my way on how to spend my time. I recall wanting to have more time to get into yoga (something my body needs and my souls crave). I needed more time to complete the pile of new books I had acquired (a perk of working at a high school), and time to sit and talk with my boys beyond our one hour car ride home.

After five months of freedom, I have become content with spending my time doing absolutely nothing. It’s been fantastic. I have rested my days away. I am the gold medalist of sleep. I’m so rested that I sometime have to take a nap from my sleep. I have done a few things that could be deemed semi-productive: created this blog, choreographed routines for my squad, understood how to create a proper budget, created fun makeup looks, and rested. Though my free time is coming to an end on Monday, I am happy with what I have done with these months of free-time. I’ve enjoyed having the ability to dictate how my time gets used. It has been the most relaxing and reflective I have ever been in my life. I encourage you to fill your time doing whatever you want. Fill that time being free of guilt and full of your choices.

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